Supporting organizations and programs that enhance
academic progress and create a sense of hope
Camperships, Field Trips, and Environmental Education programs
that give young people a new view of their world
Supporting hospice care
for all ages

Application Information

The Cleo Foundation board meets once a year to make grant decisions. Grants are solicited on an invite-only basis from foundation staff. Our application period will be announced July 2022 .

We Support

The Cleo Foundation prioritizes support for organizations and programs working in Monterey County in the following areas:

Academic Enrichment: providing comprehensive educational supports and project-based learning opportunities that create a sense of hope for youth ages 11-18

Outdoor Education: providing camperships, field trips, and environmental education programs that can give young people ages 11-18 a new view of their world

Hospice Care: providing quality, compassionate end-of-life and palliative care for patients of all ages, including emotional support for both patients and their loved ones